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The Queen Gracie Memorial Site 

Dedicated to ALL Canine Angels 

So Sorry For Your Loss



It is no secret that our dogs bring so much joy into our lives, that when one passes over the Rainbow Bridge
to say our hearts are filled with sadness would be a vast understatement!

We've decided that we wanted to remember each and every one of our canine angels by featuring them with
a short story here on Queen Gracie's site. The decree has been made that whenever one of our dogs passes,
we will honor them here and will place a candle by them in remembrance of the love we shared. 

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Burning Candle In Remembrance  Sheridane's Our Gracie Sheridane's Our Gracie 

We continue to love Sheridane's Our Gracie to distraction.  She was beauty and
grace and intelligence.  I miss her every day!!!!   She was never boring and she
will never be forgotten.   

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Burning Candle In Remembrance Harley Our very first Italian Greyhound, Harley was an absolute joy! He was extraordinarily
agile and magnificent to watch as he ran and jumped. He was very protective of his
younger sibling Bella and was quick distract another dog approaching her when she
became uncomfortable. Wanting him to be with other IGs, it's how we found IGRF
playdays and got active with the group. It led to us having six IGs, fostering at least 10
and supporting the organization in many other ways. He passed at 16-1/2 yrs, led a
full life and put BIG smiles on our hearts!
Burning Candle In Remembrance Our Baby Bella This little love of our life... Bella, came into our lives as an owner surrender. She
immediately wrapped herself around our hearts! To have her jump in our lap, turn
around and fall back into our arms, melted our hearts like no other! She loved being
adored and she gave us so much unconditional love and every day with her was an
absolute blessing! Unfortunately she succumbed way too early to auto-immune
disease. We love you Bella with all of our hearts and miss you so much!
Burning Candle In Remembrance Our Precious Bonita Her journey began as an adopted canine from a local shelter. She was only 9 months
old. My heart is happy and blessed with her in our family.Her name given at the shelter,
is Bonita and we kept it, as Bonita means beautiful, and beautiful she is.Forever the
memories she has made, and the people she encountered, in her life adored her, special
kisses and special times, will forever be embedded on our hearts.Bonita you will forever
be in our family's hearts. We will always love you. You are missed!

Love your Mom & Dad
Jody & Jimmy
Burning Candle In Remembrance Scottie Angel Gillian Roedder Scottie Angel Gillian Roedder:    In Loving Memory of Silly Gilly who was friendly,
loving, and a very special dog.
Burning Candle In Remembrance  Herky, the BEST Boston  Here is the BEST boston terrier in the world. HERKY. What I would give to have
another Boston just as wonderful as him! I lost him to cancer in September 2015.
He was only 7 yrs old. He was named after another boston terrier (Herky) whose vintage
 photo collection I own. My Herky came from an animal shelter with very bad dermatitis
and heartworms--he was FREE in his adoption (because of the HWs). But we got him
through all that. His peach fuzz grew back and he was HW negative, but 2 yrs later he
was anemic. The vet finally sent him to an internal medicine specialist and he was
diagnosed with cancer of the spleen. He just couldn't catch a break! I loved my HERKY!
Burning Candle In Remembrance Blue Kelber Sweet 16... We miss you Blue Kelber !
Burning Candle In Remembrance Tia Payne Picture In Loving Memory of Angel Tia Payne... forever in our heart!
Burning Candle In Remembrance Lovely Bunny Here is my beloved Bunny, (Angel's Velveteen Bunny) who will always be my doll baby!  
Her gentle love will be in our hearts forever! ~ Mommy Lori Brown
Burning Candle In Remembrance Stitch & Smiler

To our dear Frenchie "Boys": you were gone much too soon. Sir Smiler,you were our first
addition into the world of the French Bulldog.  Our hearts were broken when you were diagnosed
with lymphoma. We decided to put you through  the Cancer treatments that were deemed to be a
success. Before you had become so ill, we had adopted your little brother, Stitch, who was being
raised in a "Puppy Mill" situation  in Maryland.  Stitch, you were only with us for a few weeks when
we noticed you had eyelashes growing  out of your eyeball....we scheduled surgery for the next day.
By that time, Smiler, we knew the treatments were making you much worse.  The lump on your
throat was growing.  That is why we had to let you go....
 when you crossed over the "Rainbow Bridge" we know that you were once more able to run around
and be pain free.  Stitch, you looked around for Smiler for weeks.   In a few months,  we decided to
adopt another Frenchie....this time "She" was a black & White pie-eyed, we named  her Miss Molly.
You both became "best friends"...Unfortunately, our hearts were broken once again when
back problems left you unable to walk. That is why we had to let you go.....Stitch, as you crossed
over the "Rainbow Bridge", we are certain that Smiler were there to greet you. Your  back, like new
again, you ran away together.  Our love for dogs will NEVER stop.  Fortunately, before you passed,
we had adopted a new sister for you and Molly.  She is a  "Boggle" (a boston terrier and beagle mix)
and also a rescued puppy. The girls helped each other get through losing you.  They have both become
wonderful "Big Sisters" to "Buddy" the cat (a former resident of our local SPCA.)  Will we ever be
without a "furry friend/companion" in our home? We think not.   

                                   We miss you and love you both,  Bob(dad) and Sheri (Mom) Smith
Burning Candle In Remembrance Radar Radar, my wonderful Italian G reyhound -  Margaret Kaye
Burning Candle In Remembrance Sheba Sheba, my loving American Eskimo -  Margaret Kaye
Memorial candle Adorable Phog Phog Payne, 10/13/2001 to 7/31/2014
I loved him more than I thought was possible.
I will always miss you, my exuberant, funny, lovable Mr. Dog.
Memorial Candle The wonderful Romeo Keiser Our wonderful Romeo Keiser... He was such a good boy!!!  Much loved and missed!!!  
Memorial Candle The sweetest Mercedes This is my sweet Mercedes. Border Collie mix. We lost her March 17, 2012. Her love
knew no end.
A piece of my heart went with her that day. She was a rescue and she was so grateful
for everyday she could be the wonderful creature God made.
Memorial candle CH. Cheristar's Fire In My Desire In Loving Memory of CH. Cheristar's Fire In My Desire
CH. Cheristar's Fire In My Desire passed away at 8 years of age due to an untimely
death. She holds a tender spot in my heart and I think of her daily. She was alway such
a happy girl.
Memorial Candle Adorable Tucker Rogers In memory of adorable Tucker Rogers
My darling Tucker.....gone to the rainbow bridge to wait for me on August 28, 2013. 
I miss him so much!
Memorial candle Adorable William William Stielstra, 3/22/2001 - 1/7/2015 
The love of my life.  I will miss you forever!
Memory Candle

Chewbarka Kent-Coles In loving memory of Chewbarka Kent-Coles
Burning Candle  Angels Trout & Ursa Rutland In loving memory of Angels Trout and Urssa, kids of  Christina Rutland.  
Love lasts forever!!!!
Burning Candle  Betsey  Queen Betsey was a royal cousin to all Iggies everywhere and she was also
THE FINEST of Collie asistocracy!!!

Our sympathy and much love is extended to Betsey's human Mama, Barbara Leggette.
Collie Rescue of Mississippi/Meadowview Collies
Giving Them A Second Chance at Life and Love
Burning Candle Sir Tim Franks  Sir Tim Franks
Keeper of the White Light at the Rainbow Bridge.
Much loved Collie son of  Deb Franks
  King Joe Ries  In loving memory of King Joe Ries, Wire Fox Terrier Extraordinaire. This beautiful,
incredibly  special dog, was loved by Janice and Dale Ries. He crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge on November 18, 2009.
He will NEVER be forgotten!
Borzoi Maggie Mae was adopted into the Backers family at the age of 12 & 1/2 after her
original owner passed away.  She was processed through the National Borzoi Rescue

Maggie almost made it to 13.  Maggie Mae was a brave and precious Lady. She will be
greatly missed!
Burning candle  Millie Kravetz 

Millie (Bo-Kay Million Dollar Baby) Kravetz passed after a C-section on
September 21, 2009. None of her four babies survived.  She is gone from this earth,
but will never be forgotten.    

Burning Candle  Rufus Adams Rufus Adams ~ 7/29/96 - 9-28-10 
Burning Candle   Lady Mercedes Benz Adams Lady Mercedes Benz Adams ~ 7/8/00 - 11/13/12 
Burning Candle  Blu Boy Adams  Blu Boy Adams ~ 5/21/00 - 3/14/12